Weitere Flughäfen

Es gibt neben dem Malé International Airport noch weitere regionale und internationale Flughäfen auf den Malediven:

Regionale Flughäfen Internationale Flughäfen

Gan International Airport

Das Datum der Eröffnung des Gan International Airports ist nicht schriftlich überliefert. Im Mai 1962 landete ein Flug der Britischen Luftstreitkräfte (Royal Air Force) aus Grossbritanien auf Gan. Gan Airport wurde auch von den Britischen Luftstreitkräften errichtet und hatte eine Länge von 2.656 Metern (8,700 feet).

WWW: Gan International
Tel: (960) 6898010
Tel: (960) 6898009
Fax: (960) 6898010
Manager: (960) 7774969


Hanimaadhoo Airport Under the able guidance of the President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom the implementation of the project towards the development of the country was entrusted to the then Minister of Trade and Industries Honorable Ilyas Ibrahim, who was also the Minister of State for Defense and National Security.

WWW: Hanimaadhoo
Tel: (960) 6520023
Fax: (960) 7919842
Manager: (960) 7787269

Kaadedhdhoo Domestic Airport

The Airport, which opened on 11th December 1993, by the President His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom was believed to bring rapid progress to the nation’s economy. And also it would be a great advancement because of the time saved, for medical and communication purposes - for more reasons than one.

WWW: Kaadedhdhoo Domestic Airport
Tel: (960) 6840012
Tel: (960) 6840048
Fax: (960) 6840012
Manager: (960) 7774125


Kadhdhoo Domestic Airport

When our president, His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom assumed office in1978, some of the most pressing problems faced by the country were the immense difficulty involved in travelling between Malé and the outlying islands and the adverse effects in the Maldivian fishing industry due to illegal entry of foreign fishing vessels into the Maldivian territorial waters.

WWW: Kadhdhoo Domestic Airport
Tel: (960) 6800704
Fax: (960) 7919821
Manager: (960) 7782423